Collaborative Learning and Professional Development

We are a team of experienced professionals who can support the development of the International Dimension in your school curriculum.

We support:
Innovation - Creativity - Raising Pupil Standards - Professional Development for Teachers – Leadership skills - Curriculum linked Project Development, Evaluation and Design

The consultants at ANDeducation have all worked as experienced school leaders with a diverse range of expertise across the curriculum and as award winning consultants in International Education. Our work as International consultants for the British Council has given us experience with international school linking in Europe, Afghanistan, the Caribbean, India, Pakistan, the Middle East and sub-Saharan Africa. We have also delivered workshops across the Middle East which have trained teachers in School Partnership Management,  how to deliver Global Citizenship skills, team work, leadership skills and the benefits of an international dimension in the curriculum through international school linking. We have also presented at Global International Education conferences on strategic change through the International Dimension. We are committed to promoting inclusive and equal partnerships across the globe. Problem solving and finding creative solutions to any challenges that may be encountered are also part of our expertise. Our joint experiences have given us a wide perspective on how to make the most of the opportunities on offer.
During our teaching careers  we have all been experienced school leaders  and we offer short courses in the following areas : International Development, Information Technology with its application for project exchange, Special Educational Needs /Inclusion, Science, Global Citizenship,  ‘How to embed the International Dimension in Whole School Development’ and raising standards in schools. We are experienced in taking teachers on their ’partnership journey’ and tailor our courses to the needs of the delegates and practitioners. We have a wealth of material which will enable participants to provide training for their colleagues on their return to school, from an audit of skills and international experience, to an international development plan for sustainable school improvement within the curriculum.
The package we offer does not end with our courses but continues with distance support and mentoring, to help with project development and partner finding, using our own contacts and official web sites. While they are at school all pupils are entitled to an international experience and for the majority this will be within the classroom. We have a comprehensive range of project ideas to enhance all areas of the curriculum. Projects can be language based but can also be linked to any area of the curriculum and include global citizenship to broaden the outlook of all pupils and provide job skills for the next stage of their education. Pupils and teachers are encouraged to evaluate the progress of their own projects and work together to plan subsequent stages, giving pupils valuable transferrable skills.
 We have also been involved in pilot schemes to raise educational standards in schools by using international school linking as the vehicle for transformative change and measurable progress. This experience has enabled us to offer a range of advice in the international context which will help pupils boost their basic skills while enriching the curriculum and making learning fun and relevant.  We have examples and case studies of how international projects can provide enrichment material for examination courses and provide opportunities for community cohesion.
To Summarise, this is what we offer as a team:

  • Short courses on international school linking which prepare teachers for the partnership process with additional distance support to facilitate the process for all the schools involved and help find solutions for any challenges. This will include project ideas and development.
  • Leading and managing an international school partnership
  • The delivery of ICT expertise for short courses and single workshops to demonstrate the tools which can support learning and school partnerships through effective and reliable communication, and the exchange of pupils’ curriculum based project work.
  • How to embed the international dimension in the school curriculum with training in sustainable international development in schools and relevant curriculum design.
  • Raising your school profile by creating specialist teachers and lead schools in the locality
  • Working with Teacher Trainees to give them the transferrable skills to incorporate an international dimension into their lesson planning
  • Short courses on leadership skills
  • How to apply for funding from British Council Programmes, such as Connecting Classrooms and Erasmus+, for exchange visits for pupils and teachers, additional teaching support and professional development.
  • Assistance with European Development Plans and support for international project management with regard to Erasmus+ partnerships.

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