Accessing, Downloading and Using

Some hints on how best to use the material on this site.

Make sure your browser has download files enabled.


Have you got PowerPoint '95, 97 or 2000 installed on your computer?

Yes. Download the presentation from source. This is the best viewing option. PowerPoint will open ready to play.

No. You can still view the animations. Either download the PowerPoint Player plug-in to view the animations in your browser (I.E.) or if you are lucky just 'Click Here to Start' and be patient. The plug-in will install itself.


To use these interactive worksheets you must have Excel installed.

When you click on the link a window may appear giving you the choice of saving the file or opening from source. To use on-line click open its location.

Enter your data and press print. Next hand your work to your teacher for marking.

If it doesn't work you may have a really old version of Excel (it won't recognise the file extension). If it won't download check your browser options.

Try the Java Bar Chart.

Good Luck